We are so excited to announce that we are number one in the district for attendance for school year 2022-2023. We are grateful to our parents, guardians and families for making this possible. We appreciate all you do in getting your students to the school daily and on time. Lets continue this pattern this new school year and by the students coming on time everyday they are able to soar to new heights.

Meet our Principal

Elna Go

A very warm welcome to all our parents, students, teachers, staff and to the whole
school community of Twin Lakes.

My name is Elna Dela Cruz Go. I am very happy, proud and excited to be the new
principal of Twin Lakes Elementary School. I have been in this teaching profession
for more than 30 years and my teaching experiences range from preschool and up.
I came from Chicago, Illinois before joining Gallup-McKinley County Schools. I
started teaching at Red Rock Elementary School as a 4th grade teacher. I was
evaluated as an Exemplary Teacher by NMPED (New Mexico Public Education),
two years in a row when I was at Red Rock. Then, I moved to John F. Kennedy
Middle School as an Instructional Coach for 2 years. I participated in the Achieve
Excellence Program of the District as a Performing Coach.

After that, I joined Tobe Turpen Elementary School as a School Leader Intern.
Last May 2021, I was hired as the new Principal of Twin Lakes Elementary

I know that all of us have been through a lot during the pandemic. We, at Twin
Lakes Elementary will do our best to bridge the gaps of your child’s education by
requesting you to send your child/children to school every day for in person
learning. I would like to ask your heartfelt cooperation to be engaged and be
involved in any school activities/events we have for your child/children. Your
presence is highly appreciated and needed to support one of our goals,
which is to provide our students with academic excellence through a safe,
collaborative, culturally- diverse and positive environment that will produce better
citizens of our country.

All of us at Twin Lakes Elementary School are looking forward to working with
you to empower our students for excellence and with good character traits.
Let’s help one another to continue and let our Twin lakes Eagles soar high!!!!.
Thank you for everything that you do.

Mrs. Elna Go

REMINDERS: Tardy(ies) and Early Checkouts

Student are expected to be on time to class. there are, however times when it is not in the child’s control and the student may arrive late. students arriving late to school after 7:55 A.M. will need to sign-in at the office before entering the classroom. Excessive tardiness and early checkouts will result in a referral to the SAT to be placed on attendance contract. If students tardy(ies)/ early checkouts continue, the Attendance Committee will meet with parents/guardians to determine next steps to re-mediate continuous tardy(ies)/ early checkout and/ or to initiate school-district hearing authority contract; and if necessary a Social Service referral (CYFD)